Representatives from the GET YES 2 project visited the Ugandan partners at Drucilla Vocational Education School in Kabale. There they met the girls who participated in the business skills training that was held in March 2022 in Kabale within the framework of the GET YES 2 project.
The girls prepared their own bazaar where they prepared knitted things, baskets, jewelry, agricultural products, souvenirs, cooked food and presented to us what they do in the school.
The team also visited one of the participants who has her own shop and participated in business skills training. She is currently mentoring girls from Drucilla who want to and are motivated to open their own business.
Many thanks to the Diocese of Kigezi for welcoming us as real friends and real family and showing us how much this project means to their community. Our vision is that we will work together to further improve the education of the most vulnerable groups in Uganda.
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