The main aim is to build the know-how and technical capacities of the six partners, and by that to create new trainers, standards for working, exchange of experience, and through the created services to encourage young entrepreneurs to create new jobs. As added value is the standardization and networking among CEFE centers around the world.

Final beneficiaries – young persons from 15-35 years old, who wish to self-employ and open a firm at some point in the future.

The achievement is set through the objectives of the project:

  1. Professional cooperation between existing and new CEFE centers
  2. Exchange of good practices
  3. Improving the quality and recognition of youth work by using proven experiential methodology – CEFE, creation of at least 5 standardized and certified training programs, and collaboration with at least 2 public and private institutions in each country;
  4. Producing a research for the eco system and analyze the training needs of youth and institutions of skills for creating enterprises;
  5. Creation of technical tool for capacity building, such as a platform with materials and tests for retention of skills, and creation of platform for centralized monitoring and evaluation for all CEFE countries;
  6. To create and coach 24 new skilled and licensed CEFE trainers,
  7. To train at least 300 youth, 50% of them with fewer opportunists, in all 6 partner countries.
  8. To give inside in the general use of the platforms, the number of evaluated youth participants and the success rate of trainings for youth.
  9. Promotion and understanding the Erasmus+ Programme and the opportunities

The main expected results are:

(a) Identification and analysis the regional needs in the field of self-employment and creation of jobs;
(b) Creation and implementation of an ICT tools and Training Programs to improve the level of entrepreneurial skills and the knowledge of young people in the process of opening their business;
(c) Creation of 24 new CEFE trainers and 3 entrepreneurship centers in the world, that will impact the competitiveness of the economies;
(d) Support strategic partnership between partner organizations and other economical actors that supports the creation of new jobs and firms;

The project is expected to impact significantly on participating organizations, young people, policy makers, local communities, as its major objective is to narrow the existing knowledge gap, provide awareness on key concepts and opportunities and equip young entrepreneurs with the needed tools to pursue successful entrepreneurial activity.

Who is the team?

We are a team of professionals that helps people to create or expand their ideas for good.

Mr. Jovan Stalevski
Master Trainer in CEFE Macedonia

Mr. Blagoj Trajkov
Project Coordinator in CEFE Macedonia

Mrs. Angelita Resurreccion
Chairperson and Master Trainer of ADFEC Philippines

Mr. Gancho Kolaksazov
Director of ITTI Bulgaria

Mr. Omer Faruk Kochan
Project Coordinator from DeM Turkey

Mr. Gerald Areebahona
Project Manager at Drucilla, Diocese of Kigezi

Mr. Juan Moya
Co-Founder and Master Trainer of CEFE Venezuela

Mrs. Laura Gayoso
Co-Founder and Master Trainer of CEFE Venezuela

Mrs. N. Seda OZTURK
Member of Board – Project Coordinator in DEM Turkey

Our partners

GET YES 2 is a partnership between 6 partners from 6 countries worldwide: Venezuela, Turkey, Philippines, Bulgaria, Uganda and N. Macedonia. It is a 24 months’ capacity building project in the field of youth.

Our supporters

GET YES 2 collaborates with organizations and institutions that support entrepreneurs worldwide.