From 12 to 14 March 2022, our Ugandan trainers from GETYES2 project prepared and realized another 3 days training for 12 educators and mother from Drucila Vocational School. The training was held in Rugarama Training Venue, Kabale, Uganda.
The goal of the training was to develop the entrepreneurial and managerial competences of participants, in order to plan, establish and prepare for running a business or enterprise.
Topics covered: Personal entrepreneurial characteristics, goal setting, business environment, marketing plan, organisation plan, financial plan and business plan. Participants will be further supported during this project with retaining their skills through blended learning courses and assignments.

The trainers @Gerald Areebahona, and @Kedress Mutabazi, with this experience reached the goal to become internationally certified trainers for entrepreneurship (by using experiential methods and CEFE methodology).

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