Study visit of Impact Hub Vienna
Study visit of Impact Hub Vienna

POSTED ON 05 Oct 2016 by Elena Gagacheva

On September 10, 2016 representatives of the Project GET YES visited Impact Hub Vienna and discussed with Bistra Kumbaroska, an associate of the project that designed the training program for social entrepreneurship within the project.


GET YES project is composed of 5 trainings on entrepreneurship, ie the following modules: business skills for new business, social entrepreneurship, agribusiness, tench start-up and employability skills. During the visit, the President of CEFE Macedonia and CEFE trainer, Jovan Stalevski  discussed with Kumbaroska the content and the needs of the module for social entrepreneurship within GET YES project that took place in Struga from 18 September to 2 October.



- We learned about the concept of work and functioning of the Impact Hub in Vienna. We looked at their premises and offices. We met are some of the companies that they have supported and that are using resources in the Impact Hub. Also we discussed about future cooperation on European projects, and about the implementation of mutual training for social entrepreneurship at Hub Skopje in mid-November 2016 - said Stalevski.