GET YES - Training for Trainers for CEFE Methodology
GET YES - Training for Trainers for CEFE Methodology

POSTED ON 05 Oct 2016 by Elena Gagacheva

On 2 October ended the adventure named GET YES, or the Training for Trainers for CEFE methodology. This project which took place at Struga, started on September 18 in the organization of CEFE Macedonia, and in cooperation with the partner organizations CEFE International - Germany, CEFE Net Philippines, Plataforma Aurea - Chile and Business Vork Lmtd - Jamaica.


Therefore the main goal of the project is to foster cooperation, exchanges, upgrade and roll out of good practices between the participating organizations specialized in employment generation, thus enhancing their capacities for reduction of youth unemployment, professionalization of youth workers and support of entrepreneurship.


This training was designed for youth workers, coaches, youth leaders, project managers, entrepreneurs, facilitators and employees in agencies that support entrepreneurship from Macedonia, Germany, Chile, the Philippines and Jamaica.


- We are really positively surprised of the participants, their involvement and their ideas and future plans. For example, participants from Germany are employed in the Internationaler Bund and we are already negotiating with the German partner organizations for activities that as target group will have the refugees from Syria, as well as young people with fewer opportunities. Participants from Chile, however, are coming from CORFO, the state agency that supports business initiatives with high growth potential. We agreed that with them will cooperate through the partners in Chile, Plataforma Aurea to realize trainings for start-up companies and CEFE methodology. The representatives of Philippines after this training are inspired to hold trainings for young students, as well as people from the poor parts of Manila. Participants from Jamaica, that work as professor at business and art, are inspired by the finishing of this training to organize similar training due to the large interest on this topic. Because for 4 places available for this training in Struga, we received about 30 applications from Jamaica - explains Jovan Stalevski, President of CEFE Macedonia and one of trainers.


Besides Stalevski, trainer was and Zoan Vitanov, one of the founders of the CEFE Macedonia and Rene Resurreccion from CEFE Net Philippines, owner of Passion for Perfection who has experience as entrepreneur almost 30 years.


What is CEFE methodology? It is a methodology that is committed to economies based on competencies, the formation of enterprises and is a comprehensive set of instruments for the training recreated using methods oriented to the actions and methods of experiential learning, and the development and improvement of the business management  and personal skills. But also, during the training, the participants through practical exercises were learning how can use the methodology, and through simulations were considering a business idea, analyzed the possible implementation of the idea, did researching of the market, acquired marketing skills and financial management to fully conduction in the reality of their business ideas.


- The participant had a two-day exploration of the real market in Ohrid and Bitola. In this way they had an opportunity to obtain specific information about potential clients, and also for existing by the competition - says Zoran Vitanov, one of trainers.


After finishing the Training for Trainers, the trained 20 participants with support from CEFE Macedonia, will realize two five-day training in their countries. Project GET YES is co-funded by the program Erasmus + European Union. But the adventures of CEFE Mcedonia are not ending here.


- At the end of this training we will create common continuation of this project through a joint exploration of the need to site partners. Also we are announsing that this consortium, or organizations included in this project, will upgrade the multidimensional competencies for learning and the creation of a new structured learning programs (Multi-Dimensional Learning [MDL] Techniques and Designing New Program SLES) - said Jovan Stalevski, Trainer and President of CEFE Macedonia.



Also, during the November 2016, CEFE Macedonia will conduct two trainings for business skills for 50 young persons who are planning to open or already have business. Planned trainings will take place in Bitola and Skopje. All interested in this can contact us at