GET YES is an training program for unemployed youth, based on experience of organizations working on the field of employment in Chile, Jamaica, Philippines, Germany and Macedonia. We are organizations from every corner of the world, which have two things in common:

1. We are all brunches of CEFE International, working by the same CEFE Methodology.
2. Unemployment affects us all equally. We are the people who want to help you through fighting this problem. We are fighting with you.

We have combined our experience, expertise, knowledge and our specific point of view to bring higher value for the youth and helping the problem with unemployment to be reduced.
The main motivation behind this project is to foster the cooperation, exchange and upgrade of good practices between Partners with one final aim-contribution to the reduction of unemployment and support of entrepreneurship.
Therefore the main goal of the project is to foster cooperation, exchanges, upgrade and roll out of good practices between the participating organizations specialized in employment generation, thus enhancing their capacities for reduction of youth unemployment, professionalization of youth workers and support of entrepreneurship.

The objectives are the following:

- To raise the capacities of partner organizations dealing with youth, through exchange of best practices of youth employment, human resource capacity building, and strategically connect them with Erasmus+ programme;
- To launch, test and implement youth work practices such: training tools, modules and methods for socio-professional development for 20 youth workers and trainers (member of the organizations in the Consortium), and methods promoting acquisition/improvement of competences of 200 young unemployed people (50% of them with fewer opportunities) after 1 year, around 50% will be employed;
- To develop compendium whit training modules and brochure of best practices for combating youth unemployment;
- To promote strategic cooperation between youth organizations and organizations in the education and training fields, as well with representatives from business and labor market;
- To enhance the management, innovation and internationalization of youth organizations in Partner countries.

GET YES – Global exchange and Training for Youth Employment Service is project coordinated by CEFE Macedonia, funded by European Commission program Erasmus +, under the Key Action 2 (Global Partnership)


Andrea Livingstone Prince Business Works Limited

Andrea Livingston-Prince is a Management Consultant and CEFE Trainer with an MBA from the Huizenga School of Business, Florida, USA. With over 20 years experience in private sector development and SME growth throughout the Caribbean. She now coordinates the World Bank - supported Jamaica Foundations for Competitiveness and Growth (FCGP3) to increase productivity among local supply chains and local investment financing for business growth. Ms Livingston-Prince also serves as an SME Expert for the European Commission's Horizon 2020 Programme for innovation among small businesses. Her primary goal is to increase the number of CEFE - Trained business owners and operators in the Caribbean.

Jovan Stalevski CEFE Macedonia

Works as a trainer and consultant specialized in entrepreneurship and career development. He is leading the association of citizens CEFE Macedonia on its mission to promote and spread entrepreneurial culture among citizens in Macedonia and Europe. For that purpose he raised more than quarter million Euros of funds. In his professional experience he acquired multiply related certifications including CEFE licensed trainer, and WRS (Work Readiness Skills) certified trainer, which he is using in helping profit and non-profit sector. He is creator of numerous Erasmus+ projects and collaborations with wide network of business and organizations across Europe. Prior to this experiences he worked as a trainer and training manager in Business Startup Center Bitola and Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs Skopje.

Rene Resurreccion Passion for perfection

Presently Director of Passion for Perfection Inc. and the Floodgates of Heaven Foundation Inc. since 1985. Inventor of business and development games, author of various books on excellence and financial discipline. He has conducted more than 40 projects in more than 17 countries around the world and attended Advanced Leadership Training, Haggai Institute - Hawaii, Design and Development of Training Program in Sydney and Quality and Productivity Improvement in the Private Sector in Singapore. Licensed Trainer-Instructor of the Dale Carnegie Course (New York) since 1996, CEFE trainer since 1995. Previously worked with Zuellig Pharma Corporation, UP-School of Labor and Industrial Relations and the UP-Institute for Small Scale Industries.

Angelita Resurreccion CEFEnet Philippines

Anji is an experienced trainer. As a private consultant, she has handled training, research and publication projects in the fields of Entrepreneurship Development, Enterprise Education, Achievement Motivation , Training of Trainers, Training Design and Implementation, and Business Development and Management. She has served as trainer for various projects of the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Agrarian Reform, in cooperation with development agencies like the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the UN International Labor Organization and the International Trade Centre operating in the Philippines and outside, including Bangladesh, China, Fiji, Indonesia, Kenya, Laos, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tanzania, Uruguay, and Vietnam.

Laura Dorn CEFE International

Laura Dorn holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and two Master degrees - Master of Science in Public Policy and Master of Laws in International Law. After her studies, she worked in the German education sector for the NGO ROCK YOUR LIFE. Currently, she is Project Manager and Network Coordinator for Latin America and Francophone Africa at CEFE International. In her function, she takes over contract management, backstopping, report writing as well as organizational activities. Furthermore, she is a certified International CEFE Advisor with experience in various countries and diverse target groups.

Alejandro Reyes Arellano International CEFE Adviser

Business Management, Senior International Adviser certified by CEFE International, Ontological Coach formed in ACP of The Newfield Network program and certified by Asersentido, Intentional Integral Practice certified by 5deep. Diploma in Entrepreneurship Team Management, Competencies Learning Facilitator. Consultant and facilitator in program of Outdoor Team Development, Organizational Development, Territories Intervention Programs and Systemic Planning. With focus on Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Experiential Learning, Teamwork, Communication and Action Coordination, Leadership, Organizational Culture, Networks Generation and Integral Development of Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.


Elena Gagacheva Project assistant

She is working as a project assistant and project coordinator in Association of citizens CEFE Macedonia for one year. She has organized numerous conferences and events on topic of entrepreneurship and helped organizing few international training projects. During this period she has acquired certification for CEFE licensed trainer (Competency based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs). She holds a bachelor of Economics (Marketing Management) from the University "St. Kliment Ohridsk" in Bitola. From her previous jobs she gained great organizational and sales skills.

Elena Stojanovska Project assistant

She has 7 years experience in entrepreneurship development and support in NGO sector serving as a project assistant on several projects funded by the US Embassy Macedonia, USAID, European Union programs, Ministry of economy, R. Macedonia and Netherlands Government. Working as project developer too, five of the project proposals that she was writing the application, were awarded with grants for implementation raising more than 250 000 euros. She holds master degree in Public Administration from University St. Kliment Ohridski Bitola. Part of her master studies she acquired at the Faculty of administration, University of Ljubljana-Slovenia being awarded with two scholarships from the Government of R. Slovenia and EU.

Mihajlo Mitkovski Coordinator for Finance and Administration

Actively engaging in the civil society sector since 2009, implementing several important projects at Business Start-Up Centre - Bitola from 2009 to 2014, funded by the US Embassy Macedonia, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), European Union (Youth in Action Program, Competitiveness and Innovation-CIP Program and Erasmus+ program), Ministry of economy, R. Macedonia and Netherlands Government. Member of the board of NGO Center for Local Initiatives -Bitola and part time HR Specialist He holds master degree in Public Administration from University St. Kliment Ohridski Bitola in the area of Entrepreneurship.